Porch Pick Up Available for Shizzle Design Furniture and Paint Supplies including DIY Paint, APC chalk & clay Paints, Finishes, Paint Pixie Brushes…

Just a quick reminder to let you know local porch pick up in Byron Center is available for all Shizzle Design paint supplies seven days a week. To get your supplies, simply order online and choose “local porch pick up” at check out.

For those of you in other parts of the U.S. or world; I also pack and ship packages six days a week and ship orders out the day I receive them unless it’s too late in the day; then they go out the next morning.

Fully stocked with all the new products!


The painted pieces I have for sale at Shizzle Design are also available for porch pick up in Holland, Michigan. If you see something you’re interested in, email me at shizzledesign@gmail.com.

If you see any furniture or home decor you’re interested in, email me at shizzle-design.com. All paint supplies, whether you’re going to pick them up here in Byron Center or want them shipped, can be ordered from: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/

Thanks again and Have a GREAT weekend!

a hui hou ~ Shelly