Little Girl’s White Princess Bed

Hi guys!  Last week, I posted about several projects I hadn’t had a chance to write about and asked you all which one you’d like to see first.  Well, this little gal won the survey so, as promised… here’s the story behind the little girl’s dream bed.

Sometimes in life you find yourself at the right place at the right time.  That happened to me recently when I stumbled upon this beautiful antique princess bed.


The previous owners were literally packing up and moving the day I found out about it and as luck would have it, I ended up with a pretty good deal.

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful curves and details having never seen anything quite like it before.  It was white when I bought it but it had the worst sprayed finish I had ever seen on a piece of furniture.


I don’t know what they painted it with but it was bumpy, rough and horrible to the touch.  It almost felt like course sand paper.

I sanded and sanded and SANDED to smooth it all down.  I think it was made out of diamonds, well…. ok, not that tough but it was a serious chore to sand down whatever they sprayed on it.  It’s not like I could take a belt sander and go to town because there are way too many curves and detailed wood pieces so I used a combination of my orbital sander, mouse sander and then did everything else by hand.

Speaking of details, one of the trim pieces was missing on the headboard (you can see it in the first picture).  I can’t believe I didn’t notice it when I picked it up ~ ugh… now what?  If it was in a more discrete place, I could  remove the molding on the opposite side but this was a large piece on the headboard. Sad smile

Antique hand painted princess twin bed beautiful sculpted headboard Shizzle Design American Paint Company chalk clay paint ideas Navajo White 5

I could see the outline from the original piece so using wood fill with with my fingers, an old screwdriver and a nut pick, I re-built the missing piece.  After several rounds of fine-tuning, I was it pretty close.  I only have one picture of it during the repair because my fingers will covered in goo, but I basically did it like you would with silly putty or Play dough.

Shizzle Design Painted Furniture White Antique Princess bed ideas ornate headboard footboard American Paint Company CeCe Caldwell's chalk clay during 2

It’s not perfect by any means, but it will fade away by the time it’s draped with pretty linens, pillows and stuff animals ~ you probably won’t even notice it.

Antique hand painted princess twin bed beautiful sculpted headboard Shizzle Design American Paint Company chalk clay paint ideas Navajo White 3

I painted everything with two coats of crisp coats of American Paint Company’s Navajo White.  I usually go for APC’s Home Plate which is a more creamy antique white, but this bed was screaming for a whiter white.

Antique hand painted princess twin bed beautiful sculpted headboard Shizzle Design American Paint Company chalk clay paint ideas Navajo White

I could have use American Paint Company’s Top Coat to finish it, but I chose to use use American Paint Company’s Clear Wax instead.  I buffed it out as soon as I applied the wax using our drill buffing brush which creates the most amazing finish.

drill attachment wax buffing brush shizzle design online paint sales CeCe Caldwell's chalk clay paints

I just wrote a post about why I love American Paint Company’s Waxes and shared some Great Tips for Waxing Painted Furniture.

easiest way to wax painted furniture best wax American Paint Company Shizzle Design Michigan

for more of my tips on waxing made easy, click HERE.

It sold before I had a chance to get it into the store and will be making it’s way back to it’s new owner this weekend.

A hui hou!!  Shelly

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a hui hou ~ Shelly

24 Replies to “Little Girl’s White Princess Bed”

  1. This princess bed is absolutely stunning … seriously, it takes my breath away! You are SO good at what you do. I have a store as well (Ooh La La Décor and More in Litchfield, IL) and I’m always looking for that exact type of bed, but have had no luck! I would give anything to know what you had to pay for it and what you sold it for after all your hard work.

  2. Hello Shelly! You can’t tell you redid a section of the trim – nice job! I used doll clay to fill in a large “ding” out of the top of a dresser recently. Still need to paint it but the clay air drys smooth and is sandable. I just wedged it in the gap and molded it to the shape and sanded it down. The clay is used to make doll heads and I picked it up at a craft store (think AC Moore) It would be at least less sticky 🙂 This is a beautiful bed! Great find! Take care! — Pauline

    1. Thanks Betsy!! Yes we do and I better either find a studio or start painting up a storm because before we know it the snow will be here and we’ll have to use the garage for … a garage 😉

  3. Shelly,
    Have you ever used any kind of pearlized finish over your paint or do you know of one to use? I’m looking for a white pearl product to either mix with my paint or add on top of my paint. Hoping you know of something…..

    Beautiful bed, by the way!!

  4. Hi Shelly, I just finished waxing and buffing my first piece. Then waited (per instructions) to buff with the brush on my drill. The piece feels “Waxy” to the touch. What did I do wrong? Or what should I do? Thanks!

      1. Hi Shelly,
        I used the plain beeswax from your on-line shop. Did I use too much? Maybe I need to buff more. I love your furniture and that white Princess bed was gorgeous!!

        Thanks for your help,

      2. We carry Glaze, several waxes and brush on topcoats but the only two clear waxes we carry are CeCe’s Clear Wax and American Paint Company’s Clear Antiquing Wax. Check your can and let me know which one of these you ordered because you definitely shouldn’t have any sort of waxy feeling with our wax. Here’s the direct link for our American Paint Finishes:!/~/category/id=5414146&offset=0&sort=normal and here’s the link for CeCe Caldwell’s Finishes. I also have videos showing how I wax and buff underneath my Portfolio button:

      3. Thanks for the reply Shelly!
        I used Ce Ce Caldwell wax and I used a brush to apply. Then I wiped it off. Next step I used the brush on the drill. The piece does have a nice sheen to it. I am wondering if living in a warm, beach city might be the reason I feel the wax in some places. I watched your video and maybe I need to buff it again?? In any event, I do love the chalk paints!


      4. I’m not sure if that would make much of a difference Trish. I paint all the time when it’s hot and humid here and I haven’t experienced that. How long has it been? It’s so hard to tell without being able to feel it myself.

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