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Join us for a 3 Day Weekend Paint Retreat this Fall at the Beautiful 160 acre Stone Fences Farm in Dousman, Wisconsin.  We're joining forces with Ann Schneider of The Front Porch and hosting a Weekend Retreat of Furniture Painting, Creativity and Relaxation we're calling...

Shizzle on The Front Porch

This Spectacular Weekend Retreat will be held

 September 2015 (dates and registration will begin the 1st of May and limited to 25 students)

9:00 a.m. Friday - 1:00 p.m. Sunday


Stone Fences Farm in Dousman, Wisconsin

(for people flying in, you'll want to fly into Milwaukee)

Shizzle on The Front Porch Weekend Furniture Paint Retreat Wisconsin Classes Miss Mustardseed Best workshops chalk paint Dream Farm

Repost from December 1st - Hi Friends of Shizzle!  My name is Liz Kamyszek and I'm  writing on behalf of Shelly and Cathy! They are going through a tough time right now.  Shelly just had another surgery on her shoulder and has a 6-month recovery ahead of her.  She can't drive...

Have you struggled with using Clear Coats in the past?  Well I'm here to tell you, those days of frustration are over.  Why?  Because Frenchic's durable and Easy-to-Use Finishing Coat is here! Introducing Frenchic Finishing Coat! It's durable and so easy to apply! Frenchic's Finishing Coat is a durable, Environmentally Friendly, top coat...

A while back I asked for opinions on color combinations for this piece and I'm thrilled with all the votes that came rolling in. Before Picture We offered different color combos to choose from ~ you voted and we painted it. The transformation began with two thin coats of Frenchic Furniture Paint's beautiful Lady Grey, a rich, deep...

This dresser stuck out like a sore thumb at a local thrift store and I have to admit, I almost didn't bother looking at it because it's so not my style.  At first glance, I thought it was something a dad had made for one of his little kids  The combination of baby blue and bright green was enough to make me grab for my sunglasses.

before picture bright blue and green dresser

I didn't care for the extremely high gloss finish on it, but that's just me.  Retro just isn't my style - AT ALL - but it had a great price on it, so I started checking it out.  What I discovered is, it was very well made dresser.  The entire piece is well built and definitely not homemade.  The metal seal on the inside reads "Tri-Bond Furniture III".

Tri-Bond Furniture label III

Long story short, it came home with me.  We took a vote online for color choices and after all the votes came in, we decided on a classic white.  Check out the difference a little paint makes...

Try Frenchic Furniture Paint -shizzle-design-distributor-U.S.-Jenison-MI-order-online-try-buy-furniture-chalk-pain

After taking the U.K. and Europe by storm, Frenchic Furniture Paint® has spread its wings, and it is now available here in the U.S.!

It didn't really show up on this luxurious cruise ship like this, but it certainly is a luxurious paint!  We proudly jumped on board as soon as Frenchic started being made and distributed in the U.S.!Frenchic Furniture Paint - Cruise Ship - Best paint in the world

We're always trying new eco-friendly products, but I haven't been this excited about a new paint - like, ever!