Display Cabinet Refinished with Chalk & Clay Paint, Reclaimed Barn Wood & Vintage Crates

Our space at Shizzle Design continues to evolve as we strive to be more efficient with our small business. 

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company chalk clay paint supplies retailer turquoise orange whimisical funky colors furniture

You really have to work in a space before you know how that space is going to be used.  Our front room is one of those spaces.  When we first moved in, we set it up as an office but soon realized there was a better use of that space.


While the office space was nice, we really needed more space for our paint so it’s evolved into more of our paint shop / distribution center over the past few months.  We displayed our brushes and painted sample boards on random pieces of furniture but every time we got it all set up. the display piece would sell and back to the drawing board we’d go.  We decided to haul a china cabinet from the back to serve as our display.   Here’s what it looked like in the back room.


All we had to do was move this from this room to the next ~ easy enough yeah?


Just as we were carrying the hutch through the doorway…


The side panel sheet of glass can crashing down through the bottom opening and severed Cathy’s toe.  There was so much blood and it hurt so bad that she thought she had lost her foot.

I couldn’t see anything from my end because I was trapped on the other side of the doorway with the china cabinet blocking the doorway!

Oh NO!!  

I ran out the other door into the workshop area where we had just offloaded a bunch of furniture!    

IMG_1344 b

The only way to get to her was to climb over the mountain of dressers.  When I got to her, she was pasty white, already going into shock and trembling like crazy. Blood was EVERYWHERE!  How I managed not to pass out is beyond me.  I’ve done that in every other crisis situation since the day I was born.

Only by the Grace of God was I able to get her to Emergency so they could slow down the bleeding.   


After X-Rays we discovered the glass had severed her toe down to the bone leaving her with an open fracture.  I will take six – twelve months to heal.   This is how it looked at it’s best.  I won’t share any of the other gross pictures for what happened next.

IMG_3068 3

It’s been over a month now and she’s still hurting, wobbling around in her special boot.

While my sister was home recovering from the accident, I went to town on the demon cabinet by first removing all the glass.  


I removed all the glass from the doors, sides as well as the glass shelves then gave everything a base coat of American Paint Company’s Wild Horses, a deep espresso brown which is one of my go to colors especially for base coats.


I also wanted to get rid of the mirror but the edges were jagged and very raw.  I decided one accident was enough for this demon piece so I covered it up instead with some shutters we had found in collapsed barn last summer.  Read all about that awesome barn pickin trip here.


Viola!!  No more Glass!!


I couldn’t decide on colors for this piece so I ended up using a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

For the shutters, I slapped on American Paint Company’s Shoreline which looked pretty with all the other colors until I Top Coated it.  Both Top Coat and Wax makes paint colors deepen which seemed a little too in my face for all the other colors I had blended on everything else.


Ahh!  Too bright!  It was clashing with the other colors so I had to tone it down.

I grabbed some APC Clear Glaze and tinted it with a little Home Turf to create my own glaze and did a quick wipe on, wipe off glaze over the blue shutters to tone them down.

American Paint Company’s Glazes ~ Easy Wipe on / Wipe Off  Application


Much Better! 

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company retailer Michigan chalk clay turquoise whimisical funky colors supplies

I started out painting this piece with the following four colors from American Paint Company.  They were all dumped onto a plate and I use the same brush to apply everything without washing in between.  I use water to blend when needed to blend the colors and continue to layer until I like what I see.


American Paint Company Shoreline blue new colors Shizzle Design www.shizzle-design.com chalk clay paint ideas sample pot

Home Turf

Home Turf sample pot jar from American Paint Company chalk clay paint Shizzle Design colors ideas

Orange Grove

Orange Grove by American Paint Company now available at Shizzle Design Michigan colors chalk clay paint furniture

Coral Reef

Coral Reef by American Paint Company sample pot now available to Shizzle Design painted furniture Michigan online sales orange ideas chalk clay paint

I like the looks of this but knew it would be a little too much for me to stare at each morning so I used the same colors and started dry-brushing over opposing colors to make it more subtle.  Does that make sense?

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company retailer Michigan chalk clay turquoise orange whimisical funky colors painted furniture

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company retailer Michigan chalk clay turquoise orange whimisical funky colors supplies

I also busted out the Bordello because I LOVE that color!!

bordello, beach glass, coral reef

I bought this vintage piece of hardware at a flea market last summer and decided to hoard it for myself 🙂

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company retailer Michigan chalk clay Beach Glass Coral Reef vintage hardware

These colors make me happy!
Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company retailer Michigan chalk clay paint supplies ideas colors painted furnitureWe are proud to offer the Finest Quality Brushes from Vintiquities!  Check out what all the buzz is about HERE.  Want to add this fabulous line?  Contact me with your name, business & state where you’re located HERE for more information on carrying these amazing brushes in your shop.

Vintiquities finest paint and wax brushes U.S. Distributor retailer opportunities Shizzle Design

Shizzle Design high quality best chalk and clay paint brush available online shizzle 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI 49428

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company chalk clay paint Vintiquities brushes display hutch shoreline beach glass

The shutters gave me a great foundation for hooks and shelving so we could display all our Vintiquities Paint & Wax Brushes along with all our other chalk & clay paint supplies that we carry at Shizzle Design.

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company chalk clay paint Vintiquities brushes display hutch turquoise

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company chalk clay paint Vintiquities brushes display turquoise teal

The other thing I had to figure out was what to use as the drawer pulls.  They were probably 7″ pulls and I didn’t feel like drilling & filling so I went through my stash at home and hauled it all into the shop.  One of the things that caught my eye was my daughter’s belt.  Hmm, I bet the Junk Gypsies would love this idea too!  L-O-V-E their show!!!


As soon as I held them up to the drawers, I knew I had a winner!  I love how they turned out.  Hope Kekai isn’t looking for her belt!

Shizzle Design buy American Paint Company chalk clay paint supplies retailer turquoise orange whimisical funky colors furniture

Ready to Shizzle it?

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  A hui hou ~ Shelly

button-lime - Copy

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  1. This piece of furniture is BEAUTIFUL! I was wondering how you did it with all of the colors the way they are so I was happy to see that you shared!

  2. Wow love it, going to do the same thing to my great grandfather’s Hutch i inherited. So excited to find this blog. Found you from Miss Mustard Seed’s blog fff. I’m a color person not blue and white all the time. Yeah! Thank you!

  3. I would like to see a picture of the whole piece if you can do that. I have been following you for a couple of months. I love what you do and would like to try to do a piece I have similarly to this one. I just never know what to do with all the drawers. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  4. Sure feel for Cathy! Hope she has a full recovery and you don’t work her too hard in the meantime..LOL
    Love your cabinet. It takes real guts IMO to do what you do and do it so well.
    I keep trying to freeform it, but guess I’m just not as brave as you and I end up with simple colorways.
    Maybe someday……

  5. You are so amazing!!! I can’t believe you made this fun piece out of that death trap. I love the shutters as the backing too. Featuring at The Handmade Hangout tonight at Redouxinteriors. I want to come take a class with you too!

    1. Come on over ~ ANY TIME! What an honor to be featured today of all days. I was feeling sad today because today was my dad’s birthday, missing him. My childhood neighborhood friend also buried his mom today. The dreary, cold day cleared this afternoon, literally into a beautiful picture perfect autumn day and then I stumbled upon your comment ~ how cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Wow, poor Cathy 🙁 What a scary experience and there’s a lesson in all that: glass can be dangerous and people need to take care when moving it. Plus, it sounds like it was not attached securely so I guess that means always check! So glad she’s going to heal but sorry she’s suffering.

    1. Hi Angie! Just saw your message. Thanks for the shout out!! Yes, I’m pretty geeked at how it turned out. I still have some finishing touches but I’m getting there. I’m much better at starting projects than I am finishing them.

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  9. oh my god I finally found my dream kitchen cabinet colors. I’ve been agonizing between do I want red lower cabinets or do I want turquoise lower cabinets or do I want green. You guys have mastered be perfect lower kitchen cabinet 🙂 now hopefully I don’t screw it up lol

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