Vintage dresser chalk painted Shizzle Style in DIY’s Bohemian Blue clay based paint

Yes, I paint mahogany.  I paint oak.  I paint all sorts of wood furniture so if you’re an avid lover of all wood furniture being stained to accentuate all the grain, this probably isn’t a read for you.

I am a furniture painter by trade and I personally prefer chalk painted furniture hands down over solid wood pieces unless it’s something really special like a piece made out of Koa.  If you do like chalk painted furniture and want to see the beautiful results on this buffet makeover, continue reading below.

I found this great vintage buffet recently at a local thrift store.  They literally just put it out while I was walking by and I snagged that tag faster than one could blink.

It was twice my price point for a piece like this but it was very clean, didn’t have old, musty odors or water damage and all drawers worked great so it was a pretty quick flip.  I also immediately had a very good idea of the color I wanted to paint it.

I did repair the veneer on one of the drawers and if I could turn back the clock, I would have simply painted the entire dresser in Bohemian Blue using one of our medium oval paint brushes but it came with a glass top so I opted to strip and refinish the top in lieu of painting so the mahogany would pop through the glass.

I sealed the Bohemian Blue with Rustic Wax from Frenchic using our large round wax brush.  All paint supplies can be purchased on our online Shizzle Shop here.

That one surface took forever and I had to heat my garage consistently for a couple weeks so the stain and layers of clear coat would cure properly.  It used so much more electric that I got a call from my electric company to let me know that our electrical usage had gone up 123% those 15 days.  Lesson learned.

I’ll be finishing this soon.  Waiting on decorative molds.

I will be painting in my dining room and living room from now on all winter.  It requires hauling pieces up a stairwell into the house but it’s the only way I’m going to be able to afford painting during the winter.  I certainly cannot afford to heat my garage.  I’m hoping to move somewhere where I can work outdoors year round in a few years because Michigan winters are getting too cold for me in my old age.

This is the finished piece which was taken to The Honeysuckle Co. on the north end of Grand Rapids (3900 Costa, Grand Rapids, MI  49525).  It sold right away.  As a matter of fact, at the moment I’m typing this, I only have one painted dresser still available.  Tis the season.  I’m doing my best to keep up but January is always crazy busy with furniture sales.

Swing by and check out this amazing new store.

This is one of three locations where I stock DIY Paints and Finishes too so if you live on the north end of Grand Rapids or Caledonia, Rockford, Alpine, Plainfield, Cascade… this is probably a lot closer for you than my other two locations.

My hope for you today is that you find joy and have sunshine wherever you are.

A hui hou – Shelly


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