Shizzle Design Makes It’s Debut on August 201 at Holland, MI’s 42nd Art in the Park

I vividly remember the lady telling me they had never been rained out at Art in the Park

Art in the Park ~ August 2011

but… just as my sister got in the van, it started to sprinkle.  I didn’t say anything but my jaw dropped when we pulled out the driveway and headed toward the lake shore.  Our raindrops weren’t part of a passing shower.  The entire sky was full of rain!

Miraculously, the rain stopped just as we reached Holland’s Centennial Park and held off while we off loaded our vehicles.  Then, just as the 42nd Annual Art in the Park opened,
                CATS & DOGS!
                               for HOURS!

Shizzle Design Booth at Holland’s Art in the Park, 2011

If you look behind our tents, you can see the other “experienced” vendors tarping their tents because it was POURING!

Shizzle Design booth at Holland’s Art in the Park, 2011
I kept trying to shoot photos of our booth, but it kept raining harder and harder!

We finished this vintage desk and chair the night before the show!

The pigeon hole cubbies were perfect for organizing clutter.  It also featured a cool shelf underneath for storing books…   I decoupaged the top with vintage looking paper.  And… of course, I solicited my sister Cathy to custom line the drawer with fabric for that unexpected surprise.
My sister Cathy and I had worked for months preparing for this and had absolutely no idea how we would do at an event like this.  Neither one of us has the highest self esteem but that day proved to be a major turning point in this journey we call life.

Despite us being brand new and the lousy weather, we sold…

this French Provincial Coffee Table – it was first to go

Shizzle Design’s Furniture Debut at Holland’s Art in the Park, 2011

 Shoppers started gathering

under our tent

as the rain continued to

flood the park.

My Venetian Bronze faux finished Candelier was 2nd to go and we were off and running!!

 It looked so pretty hanging under our gazebo.  I need to do another one for my back yard!

The pink gooney bird mosaic chair planter went home with a lovely lady who made time to dress up as a princess  with her beautiful granddaughter.  How awesome is that!  This was one hip grandmother!!

We also sold oodles of cup and saucer bird feeders, candle holders & yard stakes!

The Lane Cedar Chest sold too

Somebody saw it during the rain but left because it was literally pouring.  They came back first thing Sunday morning  hoping to score it.  That’s when they realized it was only a one day show.  They were so bummed but were determined to keep trying.  They contacted the Holland Friend’s of Art and tracked down who we were.  The following weekend, they drove up from Chicago to claim their piece.  Isn’t that cool!?

We also sold EVERYTHING in this picture

This is the only shot I have of the adorable skirted oak chair & little French nightstand

Cathy does such a great job of adding skirts to chairs.  She’s as meticulous as our dad was with his upholstery.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

There was also a cute little red chair from the 1800’s that never was captured on the camera because it was gone in the blink of an eye.  There’s a little story behind THAT one.  When I was half through painting it, I noticed a burnt-in logo on the bottom of the chair.  I joked to my sister that it’s probably worth “something”.

As I’m slathering paint all over it, I heard Cathy gasp.  Two had just sold exactly like it on Ebay for $400 EACH!  OOPS!!  We try to do a little research on pieces we refinish, but I never imagined in all my wildest dreams that little ‘ole chair would be worth that kind of money.  Live and learn!


All those sales, all that interest, incredible feedback and awesome contacts happened on a miserably rainy day; our very FIRST day unveiling our new business.  We were blessed beyond our wildest dreams and are so very grateful  of how God continues to stretch us and bless us with our gift of craftsmanship.

Many thanx to each and every one of you who did brave the elements and stopped by to check us out Saturday!  We truly do appreciate your business!
Thanx again, Shelly

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