Shizzle Design | Retro Highboy Gets New Life with American Paint Company’s Gorgeous New Peacock Blue
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Retro Highboy Gets New Life with American Paint Company’s Gorgeous New Peacock Blue

Retro Highboy Gets New Life with American Paint Company’s Gorgeous New Peacock Blue

This past fall, we lost our grandmother and inherited several pieces of furniture.  Cathy, aloong with my aunt and uncle spent a grueling afternoon in a horrible snow storm moving everything out of her place then hauled it all across town in an open bed trailer to our new Shizzle Shop.  


When I first saw the bedroom set, I thought “What the heck are we supposed to do with that?”  Sometimes even I second guess being able to transform a piece of furniture.  I should know better by now!  Cathy was too swift for me to catch a “before” picture with the enormous hardware but just removing that alone, made a huge difference.


I’m guessing this set is from the 70’s by the straight lines and retro just stumps me every time.  Don’t get me wrong, the pieces were in top notch shape and very solid, I just couldn’t see past the faux white and gold finish and the straight lines.

No worries ~ Cathy had a plan.  We had just received our first shipment of the Ellis Collection, a limited edition of 12 fabulous new colors from American Paint Company.  They’re so awesome!  If you missed all of them, you can check them out here.  They’re sold in pints and they are absolutely fabulous!

Peacock highboy dresser blue chalk clay paints American Paint Company Shizzle Design 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI  49428 Michigan retailer buy

One of my absolute favorites, and I know I’m not alone on this one (we can barely keep it in stock) is Peacock.  This blue is so rich and thick and perfectly pigmented that the possibilities are endless.  I’m not kidding.  We’ve created so many different looks with it and I’ve seen plenty more pieces painted by others and everything I’ve seen is spectacular!

Peacock highboy dresser blue chalk clay paints American Paint Company Shizzle Design 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI  49428

In a matter of minutes, Cathy had given that old dresser an entirely new look.  Isn’t the color fabulous???   She must not have been finished because before I could blink, she had painted on a stencil and transformed it even more with brand new hardware.  I couldn’t get over the transformation!

Peacock Blue Highboy Dresser Shizzle Design Painted Furniture Not So Shabby Holland Michigan chalk clay ideas 1

This piece has made it’s way to our booth within Not So Shabby in Holland, Michigan.  There  is also a long dresser and headboard if anyone is interested in the entire set.  Those haven’t been painted yet but Cath said she’d be happy to paint them to match.

Peacock Blue Highboy Dresser Shizzle Design American Paint Company Not So Shabby Holland Michigan chalk clay paint ideas 2

Check out other gorgeous colors from the Ellis Collection here and if you’d like to see them in person, stop by our Shizzle Design Paint Studio in Jenison, MI or one of the other locations where we retail American Paint Company Paints.  You’ll also be able to check out the entire American Paint Company line on March 14-16 at this year’s Women’s Expo in downtown Grand Rapids.

expo pictures 8

We are very humbled to announce that we were asked to be one of this year’s key presenters during the show.  Save the date then join Shizzle Design and several other amazing artists who’ll be helping out during the show.  Stay tuned for all the exciting details!!

See you soon!!

Did you know that…

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a hui hou ~ Shelly


  • Linda
    Posted at 21:55h, 20 February Reply

    Beautiful!! Love that blue!! But I really want to know how you get that multi color look on the buffet you’re hiding behind at the bottom of the article!! Is it dry brushed? Or is it many layers of different colors that you have ‘wiped’ away? I love the look but not sure how to achieve it?

    • Shelly
      Posted at 22:07h, 20 February Reply

      Hi lInda, I don’t think I can add a picture here, but if you check out our Facebook page, I’ll post a picture of my base coat for the buffet on there. I haven’t had a chance to post the process on it yet but will soon 🙂 PS I used the leftover paint from Cathy’s dresser, watered it down a ton to create a wash over the other colors.

      • Linda
        Posted at 10:05h, 21 February

        Thanks, Shelly – I’ll look forward to seeing that! Linda

  • Paula@O'Meara's Cottage Charm
    Posted at 07:34h, 21 February Reply

    Shelly & Cathy, how uniquely beautiful! I love the design on the top drawer and the change of pulls to a knob…never mind, the color you put on the legs So bold! You inspire me to “think outside the box”! Keep it up, girls!

  • Carla at Loves Moose
    Posted at 14:19h, 23 February Reply

    So gorgeous! Thanks to your blog I bought chalk paint for the first time and just did our kitchen table. It’s beautiful. I sanded down the thick gunky brown stain and then did a series of treatments to the table top to make it look like aged wood. The base and legs were painted with Desert Cactus, such a luscious shade of olive green.

    Not really understanding what Top Coat does, I waxed the top and bottom. It barely altered the color of the raw wood, which was great, and made it look a bit more rich with a lovely sheen. The base is incredibly awesome. But the one thing that has me stumped is adhesion. I can’t seem to find a good explanation of how chalk paint adheres to furniture.

    Can I expect to be able to scratch through to the raw wood with my fingernail, with very little effort? Even after several days of letting the very light coat of wax cure, I can easily scratch through the wax and paint to the wood. The surface was more than adequately prepped, so I don’t understand why it’s doing this.

    With this dresser you just redid, how well does the paint adhere? Also, I believe you said you always use wax; never Top Coat. But had I used Top Coat would I have significantly hardened the paint for a strong surface? Thanks!

    • Shelly
      Posted at 14:40h, 23 February Reply

      We do not sell Chalk Paint. Our all natural chalk, clay & mineral products are an entirely different formula which is why it is so easy to create beautiful finishes. Because of the all natural qualities of our products, it can take 30 days to completely cure. Freshly painted and cured furniture should be used with care during that first month. I wouldn’t load up a china cabinet, slide something across a table top… during this time. Definitely scratching your fingernails across the surface could scratch the surface during this initial cure time but it may also have something to do with how much wax wax applied… How did you apply your wax? Have you taken a class to learn the basics? Topcoat is more durable than wax but I happen to prefer the look and feel of a waxed piece. It’s a personal preference, but typically cabinets and table tops are top coated; I prefer to wax everything else. I can achieve very hard surfaces when I wax.

      • Carla at Loves Moose
        Posted at 15:43h, 23 February

        I love the look and feel of wax, too. So it’s a matter of cure time, then. Good to know. I only use natural, non-toxic products in my home, which is why I was so thrilled to find your blog and your preference for American Paint Company products. I know buffing increases the hardness, so that’s next on my list for this piece. About taking a class, I can barely afford the paint, so I’m having to rely on your great website and some videos. Thanks for your reply!

      • Shelly
        Posted at 21:08h, 23 February

        I wish I could see & feel the finish on your table. It really can vary from person to person. Have you watched any of my videos on waxing. They’re quite quirky, but they get the idea across. That might be a good place to start 😀

  • Customize Furniture
    Posted at 01:41h, 27 February Reply

    You were right to share this thanks! You turned a ‘plain Jane’ (no offense to any Janes out there!) into to something so much more interesting. Nice job!! Color?

  • Mona
    Posted at 11:22h, 27 February Reply

    The Buffet is so beautiful, love the colors you used. And Cathy, the dresser looks amazing. I always question myself as well weather something is worth painting over, and reading this is just proof, that you can turn anything into great looking pieces. Thank you for your blog guys.

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