Highboy Whimsically Dry-brushed in Green and Blue & We Miss You Syd!

Her eyes were as blue as the ocean, her smile as bright as the sun and her personality stole the heart of every person blessed by her presence.

I so wish Sydney Grace was outside enjoying our first 80 degree day since last October but she’s not, not here on earth anyway.  

On Mother’s Day three years ago, she went home to be with Jesus and our lives will never be the same.  

Sydney Grace would be 9-1/2 years old today; you can read much more about our special little angel HERE.  My fingers can’t seem to form words on the keyboard, but I still wanted share something today so I’ll do it with pictures.  This piece was painted bright and cheerful just like Sydney.   If she were here, I think she’d like it (even without the purple :).

We miss you Syd!

shizzle design painted furniture west michigan's women's expo grand rapids mi DeVos Place


Oval drawer pull 3

small drawer pull 2

small drawer pull 5 w logo

small drawer pull 6 w logo

Shizzle Design booth 8 hand painted furniture american paint company chalk clay paint Michigan retailer best 2


In loving Memory of Sydney Grace 


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