Vintage Gray & White Dresser with Metallic Glazed Stencil and Top

Whenever I pick up a piece, it takes me a while to decide how I’m going to refinish it.

Continue reading to learn how to create this paint finish.

This dresser had great bones from the get to.  It’s the perfect size and can be used in a bedroom, entryway, dining room, bathroom ~ pretty much any room in the house.

For this great piece, I base coated it with Lady Grey.  It’s a beautifully rich, deep warm gray from Frenchic Furniture Paint.  I love, love, love this color!

I layered the front and sides with the ever popular  Vintage White from Old Town Paints, then gave the top a 2nd coat of  Frenchic’s Lady Grey.

The drawers were lightly dry brushed with the two colors.

I love the thickness of the top.  I personally loved it like this.  I simply would have sealed it and called it good if it were for me but so many customers have been asking for more metallic finishes so I decided to bling it up a little.

I grabbed my Metallix color swatches from American Paint Company to see which colors would look best.

I chose Cognac and Gunmetal for the stencil, and dabbed a little bit of Champagne for highlights.   Metallix is a metallic paint, but it’s a bit sheer so I use it and think of it more as a metallic glaze.  It can be used in all sorts of ways.

For the stencil, I squirted a dab of each color onto a plate then stenciled all of them simultaneously using  one of our yellow sponges.   It only took about 5 minutes to do the entire front using our yellow sponges.  I’ve used this stencil before using your typical stencil brushes but I’ve found it much quicker to use a sponge.  Typically, I would seal my piece before stenciling so if I mess it up, I can wipe it off and start over again but this time, I was in a hurry and I simply went for it.


I used Metallix on the top as well but for this, I simply squirted lines of each color across the top then spread it on with a brush.


I sanded over the Metallix with a fine grit sand paper when it was completely dried.  The light sanding added just the movement I wanted so the wax would have something to grab onto.

Lightly Sanded Metallix

Sealed with Frenchic’s Rustic Wax

and here she is, dressed and ready for the shop



Well???  What’cha think?  Have any pieces you want to bling up?  Give it a try!  It’s easy!

Thanks again for stopping by!

a hui hou kau kou


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