Furniture Painted in Different Shades of Green ~ Color Inspiration by Shizzle ~ Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Over the years we’ve transformed tons of furniture with chalk & clay paints in various shades of green.  Grab a cup of coffee and check them all out!

This strange concoction of color was the base coat for the picture below.  Still one of my favorite pieces.

and this was the base color on the legs before I went over it in Peacock.

Weathered finish on one of my garden chairs

I loved this combo

Just marked the price down on this great highboy.  I love this piece!

Another favorite combo!

This fantastic vintage vise / kitchen island table is still available.  I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t sell so that I can use it in my next home.

One of Cathy’s whimsical retro designs on a vintage dresser

This cool finish was done by my friend Laurie Miller

Oh yeah, I loved the finish on this Lane Cedar Chest.  I went all out on the dark wax, including sealing the raw wood top.

This dresser is another one of my favorite color combos

Can somebody say vintage?

Love the weathered finish look on this sofa table.  Actually it was an old drop leaf table I made into a sofa table.  I should have kept this one!

This is like, so me!  Just go and see what happens!  This was the base coat for a red highboy I painted.

Anyone who truly knows me knows the picture below is one of my favorite ways to paint.

Remind me again why I parted with this wreath?  It was so pretty in pictures?

Little Girls Dresser

Custom Painted Piece

Luck of the Irish to you all today and every day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone!!

I’m working at Not So Shabby all day today, March 17, 2018.  We have oodles of colors to choose from.  Pop in and say hi; I’d love to help you with any paint questions.  We also have a fantastic paint sale going on right now both at Not So Shabby and online while supplies last so it’s a great time to stock up .

a hui hou


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    1. Thank you! Haven’t been able to get much painting in the past few years but hoping to have more time soon.

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