Rich Old World Graphite Patina on ASCP Painted Chest of Drawers

My husband ended up in emergency surgery over the weekend so I’m letting my pictures speak for themselves today – quite frankly, I’m beat!

This Three Drawer Chest Would Make a Fabulous Entryway Piece!

Of course you can use it anywhere, but I’d show it off a little.  I may be bias, and a bit delirious after this weekend, but I think all the colors peeking through are pretty cool.

I layered numerous colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in order to achieve this rich old world Patina then layered with light and dark wax for a smooth buttery finish.  The truth is, I originally painted it in Duck Egg Blue which I couldn’t stand.  I disliked it so much that as soon as I carried it into the store, I couldn’t stand it, so I hauled it back home to cover it up.  I ended up painting over it with Graphite and odds and ends of other colors then distressed the heck out of it.  In my frustration of having to paint and wax it all over again, I went sand crazy but in the end, I love how it turned out.  It sold almost immediately, so I guess all my hard work paid off in the end.  I just struggle so much with Annie Sloan’s dark wax, there’s got to be something easier.  Update:  We found a MUCH easier wax to work with ~ find out what we use now here.

I love layering lots of colors!

It’s a well built chest built by Basset Furniture.  The drawers work great and it is sporting new hardware to fit in with today’s design styles.
This piece is begging to go home with someone!  As a matter of fact, I think it’s homesick for MY dining room!  I should go back and pick it up before it sells!  (update – too late, it sold)
I think it has a Charming Old World Quality

This piece is sitting pretty in the Shizzle Design booth at Not So Shabby Antiques and Fine Furniture (sold).

What do you think?

Update:  Many many changes have occurred since I first wrote the post on this dresser.  We stopped using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint years ago in lieu of much more superior paint products which don’t have all the toxins and are also much easier to use.   The new paint products we choose to create our high end finishes are not only better made, the amazing all natural formula absolutely rocks!  It glides on effortlessly and the wax, both clear and dar are an absolute dream.  No wonder it’s the Nation’s #1 seller!!  We can finish a piece of furniture in not time and the quality is amazing!!  No more pulling my hair out with tacky wax, no more VOC’s.  Work just got a whole lot easier around Shizzle Design.  To find out what we’re using now, click: here.

Nation's number one chalk clay paint


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  A hui hou ~ Shelly

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35 Replies to “Rich Old World Graphite Patina on ASCP Painted Chest of Drawers”

    1. Thanx Dee! I’m not sure about my husband. He had an emergency kidney stone removal this weekend after dealing with it on and off for the past six weeks. The stinkin thing was the size of a small peanut!

      He was discharged Sunday afternoon, but he feels like he’s having another kidney stone attack. I don’t think that’s right. He just told me his pain is at a six! We’re calling the doc to find out.

    1. Thanx Cassie! These pictures so don’t do it justice! I’ve gotta get something better set up so I can stage my photos. Right now it’s so cold and I’m usually alone so carrying furniture up into the house for shots just doesn’t happen:)

  1. A very nice piece. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. Your style is super. It takes a while to digest all that you’ve done with the wonderful layering. I love it. I just started my blog a week ago. Would be neat for you to visit. So sorry to hear that your husband was in the hospital. I hope all is well.

  2. I hope your husband is okay! Emergency surgeries are always scary. I am amazed that you were able to get a blog post in at all! I love the look you achieved with the layered colors here! I am completely smitten with ASCP, and am in fact just itching to grab my paint brush and make something over right this minute! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

    1. He is feeling a little better today, but definitely not up to par. The ironic part is the hospital gave us a laptop to use, so while my husband was conked out on pain meds., I was able to work. I’m used to painting something with my right hand, helping with homework over my shoulder and mixing a pot of stew with my toes. I was lost in a quiet hospital room ~ thank goodness for technology:)

    1. I had originally painted this dresser in Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue, took it to the store and disliked the color so much I ended up hauling it back home and painted all over it in Graphite. When I did my distressing, I could still see that ugly blue coming through so I kept going farther and farther until I hit wood. I did a ton of sanding on this one then added the dark wax…

      1. Thanks so much. I’m starting to sell pieces of furniture at a place here in Baton Rouge, La. and my son told me about your website. You have some beautiful pieces. Hope I can become as good as you one day.

  3. Hi Shelly,
    Enjoying your website…very informative and fun! OK so this dresser was painted the duck egg blue then you put on graphite. Would you recommend another color other than the duck egg blue if you had to do it from scratch? There are so many color variations in this piece. So you just had the original color of dresser, duck egg blue and graphite with waxing and sanding? amazing! I want to get my hands dirty and just go for it! Thanks Sharon

    1. If I were to do this type of thing again, I’d use either APC’s Beach Glass or CeCe’s Destin Gulf Green. You can layer whichever colors you like. This particular dresser was a huge undertaking because I ended up sanding for hours to get it to the state it ended up at. American Paint Company’s paint and CeCe Caldwell’s paints are so much easier to distress than ASCP so this would be much easier for me to re-create now.

      1. Thank you shelly for your speedy response. I was actually thinking CeCe Caldwell’s Green of some color. I will have to study your layering of paint colors as I am VERY new to this distressing technique. I absolutely LOVE the dresser and hoping I can duplicate the look on a dresser I am doing:)

      2. This was just one of those projects that was a nightmare from the get go. I hate Duck Egg Blue. As soon as I dropped it off in the store that color, it made my skin crawl so I hauled it back home and painted it in Graphite with very little distressing which was pretty boring. Getting frustrated with the project by this point and working during a very cold time of year, I went to town distressing the heck out of it and then started waxing it with dark wax.

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