Special Request Gentleman’s Chest

Last week, a gal came into Not So Shabby to check out one of my dressers she’d seen online.  Not only did she like it, she was already purchasing it as she called to see if I would paint a gentleman’s chest she had at home to coordinate with it.

   This is the dresser she bought from the store.
…and this is the dresser I painted to coordinate with it.

It started out like this.

Let the fun begin…  I had to strip the top, four of the drawer fronts and all ten drawer pulls to keep in line with my other dresser.
I love stripping! I LOVE stripping! I LOVE STRIPPING!
(psyching myself up like the Little Engine that Could)
Unfortunately after the first round, I still had a ton of paint left.  Hmm…

My favorite Zinsser stripper was giving me a hard time in my heated workshop.  Works like a charm all year long with our humid Michigan air, but it dries out fast when I pull it in a heated area.
Just then I remembered reading a great tip from The Guide to Furniture Finishes.  That book is packed with life saving tips when it comes to refinishing furniture.  I use it all the time because it has the answers so many painting questions I would otherwise spend hours  researching or messing up on my own.  I’m so geeked about this book, I became an affiliate so I could share the love.  I’ve attached a link at the bottom of this post as well as my sidebar if you’d like one of your own.
So… I tried it out.  I put on another coat of stripper but this time, I covered it with waxed paper which kept it moist long enough for the product to work:)

While the stripper worked, I cleaned and painted the base of the chest in a couple coats Annie Sloan’s Old White Chalk Paint.

The drawer pulls also got a good soaking in stripper.

Look at all this goopy goo – yuck!

But alas ~ Paydirt!  Guide to Furniture Finishes comes to my rescue once again.
Look how awesome it worked!

Cool!  I’m digging it,  I’m doing the happy dance because now, the fun begins.
Please forgive the lame photography, I tried to roll it outside for a couple photos but it started snowing so hard, that 30 seconds later, I was rolling it back inside.  It was too heavy to haul upstairs myself so I had to use what I could on this dreary winter day.  Oh it makes me crazy when I run out of time to get great shots.

Anyway… here’s the finished dresser.

The owner has been hauling this dresser around with her for twenty years; now that it’s had a little transformation, I’m hoping she’ll enjoy it for many years to come:)
Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?
*Let me know if there is something you’re looking for that you haven’t seen.  We have a lot of projects in the works as well as some fabulous pieces patiently waiting their turn.  Contact us if you have a piece of furniture you would like painted!
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23 Replies to “Special Request Gentleman’s Chest”

  1. another beauty Shelly!! I know what you mean about trying to get the shots….I carried my grandmother clock out into the backyard by myself and then it was to bright…..:) Ya gotta do what you gotta do…Love it!!

  2. Shelly- you did an amzing job matching this piece to the other one! Just lovely! Love the finish on it… very modern, yet traditional and charming. Now following you on LINKY tools, too. andrea@townandprairie

  3. Shelly this is so gorgeous, and I love the variance in color. I am so ordering that book. Right now! I stumble around trying to figure so many things out and I love a good book to show me the light. Thanks!

  4. Oh gosh Jill ~ this was painted a long time ago when I used to use Annie Sloan products. I can’t remember the name of the paint colors I used and I’m not sure of the stain I used either. I was coordinating this piece with another one the customer had.

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