VIDEO – How to Wet Distress Paint

Hi guys!  Happy snowy morning to ya.

The storm that’s rolling through just dumped another foot of snow on West Michigan ~ you know what that means ~ SNOW DAY!!!

No worries though, ‘cuz my cousin Matt of Pro Mow Landscaping is to the rescue!

The kids are still nestled under their heated blankets

Little do they know when they wake up, it’s operation “clean the house ‘cuz it’s another furniture painting workshop weekend” at the Andrade house.

It’s been so cold and we’ve had so much snow this week that I’ve decided to move the workshops that we normally set up in the garage to the luxury of our toasty warm living room.  We only heat this part of the garage for the workshops but the part of my workshop that I keep heated year round is small ~ VERY small.  It works great for a dresser but even something like a buffet is too wide for me to easily work around.

I decided to paint their bedroom furniture in our living room, OK OK, the furniture actually sprawled through our living room AND dining room when you tack on several other projects I’m working on.

Guess what?  I LOVED it!!  Call me crazy, but this may just be the new norm.  I actually got the idea when I started painting a king size bedroom set a few days ago.

Anyway… in the middle of my makeover, I got a wild hair to show you how easy it is to wet distress CeCe Caldwell’s Paint with just a damp rag.  Here goes!  Never mind that it is totally unedited ~ you’re getting Shelly here, up close and personal.  My hair isn’t brushed and apparently I can’t put my pj’s on right side out ~ lol!  Enjoy!!

Learn How Easy it is to Wet Distress with CeCe Caldwell’s Paint

Here’s how it looks after being wet distressed 

I did this right in the comfort of my living room since it doesn’t create any dust like sanding does  and CeCe Caldwell’s line is completely all natural ~ 100% green.  

CeCe Caldwell’s Paints are Latex Free! 

 To Watch the Wet Distressing Video, click here


Our paint is latex free which is not only great news for people with latex allergies, but is also what makes our paint so easy to distress.

 You have to wet distress BEFORE you wax it because waxing seals the deal

Check out the finished bed here  

 Now that you know how easy it is, go try it and have a blast making over your first piece!!

 a hui hou, Shelly

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a hui hou!

19 Replies to “VIDEO – How to Wet Distress Paint”

  1. Love this paint, little soap and water even cleaned up a Destin Gulf Green mishap on my area rug!
    Another snowbound Michigander painting furniture on her dining room table this week 🙂

  2. Michigan snow looks magical.

    I love this paint Shelley. I received my box of sample pots and tried it out on a small wood box. I showed it off as part of my hutch make over here

    A little goes a long way! I discovered by chance that you can distress with a wet rag…awesome!

    I will need to get some more vintage white for a cabinet re-do.

    Thanks so much for spreading the love!


  3. What else is a formal living room for but painting? We only use ours during the holidays, but I did promise my husband not to let it pile up with projects like last year. Glad to see your painting attire. Loved the tutorial.

  4. That color is fabulous. I’ve been doing a bit of the wet distressing recently, and it is a fun way to go, with way less mess.

    Thanks for sharing your technique! Enjoyed your video.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  5. This is such a beautiful set to begin with Shelly, and you amplified it with your painting! The trav city is so so rich -one of my favorites – and girl, I am DYING to take a photo class from you – dang!

    1. Jane, you weren’t doing anything wrong. My videos must not have transferred when my new blog was moved from Blogger to WordPress a couple weeks ago. It should work fine for you now. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Hi Shelly – thanks for the video tutorial. I have done this may times with success. I have a question since I just tried to wet distress CCC Beckley Coal for the first time and it came out very gray and streaky. Have you ever experienced that? I have now put on a 2nd coat but I am not sure what to do next except maybe only wet distress the details and not all over. Any thoughts? Thanks, Lisa

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